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How Are Tata Buses Useful for School Bus Applications?

How Are Tata Buses Useful for School Bus Applications?

Tata Motors | Oct 22, 2021 9:11 am
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At Tata Motors, "Safety Har Kadam" is the philosophy with which each school bus is intricately designed to world-class safety norms to provide your children with top notch security and absolute comfort. In a Tata Skoolbus, you can rest assured that your child will have the best and safest travel experience.

Tata Motors Cityride Skool Range

Tata Motors’ Cityride Skool is one of the best-selling school bus brands in the country. This range of school buses exceeds the industry standards of regulatory safety norms, design and ease of drive features, as your children’s safety and comfort is the topmost priority at Tata Motors.

The robust and improved bus body from ACGL, which has world-class facilities, is sturdily built, making it ideal for a school bus application. The Cityride Skool range is available in a 24-seater to a 45-seater configuration and comes with all the enhanced BS6 specifications.

StarBus Ultra Skool Range

Built on the latest ULTRA platform by Tata Motors, the Starbus Ultra Skool range is a premium brand that offers an ideal blend of performance and comfort. It is equipped with a new and improved fuel-efficient engine that gives better performance and keeps the operating costs economical for the operators.

Available in AC and non-AC categories, the Starbus Ultra Skool range comes with a fresh new look, a larger seating configuration and an increased seat size for the children’s utmost safety and comfort. This new BS6 range comes with a longer wheelbase and a wider bus width making it an ideal addition to any school bus fleet.

StarBus Skool Range

One of the highest selling brands of Tata school buses is the Starbus Skool. This range of school buses come with the promise of top-of-the-line performance coupled with maximum cost efficiency. The extremely fuel efficient 4SP CR engine gives maximum power and is cost-effective for the operators.

With increased safety standards exceeding the regulatory requirement, you can be rest assured for the safety of your precious ones. The advanced features for passenger comfort and improved aesthetics makes Starbus Skool the perfect vehicle to go to school in style and ease.

The Tata Motors range of school buses are essentially useful to society and fleet owners, seeing as they meet the needs of everyone with superior offerings across every brand.

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