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Tata Motors offers the most diverse range of products ranging from specially built buses to the scientifically designed bus chassis.

We have more than

100 products

in our range

Whether you are looking for a bus for an inter-city journey or one designed especially for school-going children, you can be sure that we cover the entire gamut.

We have specifically designed products both in terms of fully built buses and bus chassis for multiple applications.

Click on the tabs below to find out more about our Brands and Applications:

Tata Starbus range of buses offers maximum fuel efficiency along with optimum functionality and comfort.

Tata Motors, Starbus Ultra range of buses takes you way beyond all your expectations to give you the best in class comfort and safety.

Perfect for city commuters, the Tata Motors CityRide range of buses are noted for their ease of driving and wide variety of travel applications.

Travelling from one city to another by bus can be a great journey if the bus is built great. Magna from Tata Motors, is the bus that's styled for comfort.