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The City Bus has been specially designed keeping in mind the comfort of city commuters making everyday travel hassle free.

Spacious and Fuel Efficient

The City Buses are spacious, providing optimum comfort for even those who are standing. Moreover, shorter halt-times due to ease of embarking and disembarking saves time and fuel giving better run-times and improved economy to the bus operators. The robustly designed buses even offer better resale value. Clean and contemporary in looks, the City Bus has brought about an image makeover for public transport by making intra-city travel convenient and more dignified than ever before.

Starbus Staff CNG

The City Bus is available in a comprehensive range from 16 to 51 seater options. With several options present in the Non AC and AC categories, there are different floor-height and step options in the range as well. The City Buses and Chassis for City Buses with the overall length varying right from 6m to 12m are available in BS VI specifications with both Diesel and CNG fuel options.

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