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With the introduction of a new mission for Smart Cities, Government of India aims to develop 100 smart cities across the country making them citizen friendly, sustainable, progressive and adaptable to changing needs of the society.

Urban transport is one of the most important pillars of Smart cities. The major focus in smart cities approach is on introducing innovative, environment friendly, accessible, connected, safe and faster technologies.

Tata Hybrid Hero Bus

Tata Motors has always been at the forefront of innovation providing products and mobility solutions catering to discerning needs of the society.

We launched the STARBUS ELECTRIC 9m, the STARBUS ELECTRIC 12m and the STARBUS HYBRID 12m buses in January, 2017.Tata Motors displayed a range of SMART BUSES FOR CLEAN & GREEN CITIES, designed, developed and powered by alternate fuels, to meet the current and future passenger transportation needs of Smart Cities, in addition to the existing Diesel/CNG powered urban transport solution

We have also developed the country’s first FUEL CELL BUS (12m), LNG Powered bus (12m), and 18m ARTICULATED BUS. Developed indigenously, these buses are safe and comfortable and are economically viable solutions.

Tata Motors is best suited to cater and serve customers’ needs with an entire gamut of day-to-day mass passenger transport solutions. We continue our active participation in the development and implementation of solutions for mass passenger transport in the key markets across the world not just by setting technological benchmarks, but also by adapting innovations effectively to suit various travel conditions

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