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Tata Motors Staff & Contract Carriage Buses provide ultimate comfort for commuters traveling to office or back home. Various features have been incorporated to enhance the aesthetic appeal and safety during the travel. Tata Motors has introduced new generation face in BS VI.

Corporates choose Tata Motors Staff & Contract Carriage Buses as the most preferred mode of transport for their employees. The fully built buses offer best-in-class operating economy and better resale value.

Starbus Ultra 10.2 7.5

Tata Motors Staff & Contract Carriage Buses are available in a wide range of choices from 16 seaters to 51 seaters and variety of floor-height options.

Chassis for Staff buses are available in, overall length varying right from 5m to 12m.

The Fully Built Buses as well as Chassis are available in BS VI specifications with both Diesel and CNG fuel options.

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