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Tata Motors is promoting Electric Buses with a view to modernize urban transportation, reduce pollution and provide enhanced features for Passengers - such as improved safety & comfort, ease of boarding for the elderly women & children. Designed and developed by Tata Motors, the Tata 4/12m Low Floor Electric Bus is a modern state-of-the-art solution for Urban Transport requirements.

Tata 4/12m Low Floor Electric bus - With zero-emission and noiseless operations, the newly designed Electric Bus meets the requirement for cleaner public transport vehicle.

  • Full Electric Drivetrain with Zero Emissions for clean air
  • Fatigue free driving without clutch and gear shifting
  • Roomy interiors which can be customized as per the application and regulations
  • High safety and security with Intelligent Transport System (ITS)
  • New generation Telematics for efficient and user friendly vehicle maintenance and tracking
  • Passenger information system with destination boards and audio announcements
  • Stylized interior and exterior with LED headlamps, plush interior lighting
  • Utility provisions like charging ports, Wi-Fi hotspot for on-the-go connectivity
  • Regenerative braking for high efficiency
  • Disc Brake with EBS –Air Brake
  • Electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS) at Front & Rear
  • Charging Time is 2 -3 hrs with Fast charging
  • Max permissible GVW18T/19T
  • Overall Length11985 mm
  • Wheel Base5930 mm
  • Overall Width (Chassis)2537 mm
  • Overall Height3600 mm
  • Front Overhang2690 mm
  • Rear Overhang3360 mm
  • BrakesDisc Brake with EBS – Air Brake
  • BrakesDisc Brake in the front & Drum brake at the rear with EBS (Optional)
  • Suspension Electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS) at Front & Rear
  • Seating Capacity 31+D+WC
  • Max. Speed 65 km/h
  • Range 200 kms with opportunity charging- This is scalable as per requirements
  • Grade-abilityMin 17% @ Rated GVW
  • Acceleration 0-30km/hr >=0.8 m/sec^2
    <= 10.5 Sec
  • Max. Climbing Ability 17% @ 1.25 GVW
  • Charging Time 2 -3 hrs with Fast charging
  • Peak Power200 KW
  • TypeLithium-ion