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Tips to Find the Right Buses of Your Choice

Tips to Find the Right Buses of Your Choice

Tata Motors | Nov 1, 2021 8:45 am
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Buses are the pulse of every public transport network that serves both urban and rural areas. Used for a variety of applications, buses are integral to serving the transportation needs of the everyday commuter. These everyday commute champions are the most safe, cost-effective, and accessible mode of transport for the masses. With the majority of the country dependent on them for their daily transportation needs and with their multiple applications, as a business it is imperative to do your research and educate yourself on the types of buses available which would be best suited for your business. The easiest way to pick the right bus is by categorising them by their applications and make your decision based on that information. Let’s take a look at the different types of buses available in the market.

School Buses

A big chunk of the buses on the road comprises of school buses. The safe and comfortable travels of our littles ones is the topmost responsibility for any school bus operator. Every school bus is required to meet the safety norms as per the government mandated regulations. A competent school bus should come equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, comfortable and safe seating, and safety components that exceed the industry standards.

Staff & Contract Buses

Many corporations offer their employees commuting options to provide them with a comfortable option to travel from work and back home. While choosing a staff bus one should make sure there are world-class safety components and enough safe seating options to ensure a stress-free commute. It is advised to opt for a bus that offers best-in-class economy and a competitive resale value.

City Buses

The hallmark of a good city bus is to make the daily task of traveling through the city hassle-free for the commuters. It is required to be a dependable asset to the public transport network and offer a comfortable transit experience. City buses should be robustly designed, have enough floor space for the standing travellers, and have efficient halt times for smooth transition between stops.

For over fifty decades, Tata Motors has played an integral role in redefining the public transportation system in the country and has revolutionised road travel for the common man. Today, Tata Motors is the fourth-largest bus manufacturer in the world. Their bus range under the Starbus, Starbus Ultra, and the city ride are guaranteed to have premium quality and maximum performance. Its range of buses have contributed to help elevate daily travel. Most importantly, their range of buses offer the daily commuter a dignified and convenient travel experience.

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