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What to Look for in Tata Motors Tour Buses?

What to Look for in Tata Motors Tour Buses?

Tata Motors | Nov 1, 2021 8:47 am
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Tata Motors has climbed to the top of the mountain of Indian bus manufacturers by consistently producing vehicles that pioneer new technological innovations, fulfil important performance requirements for clients, and take environmental impact into consideration. This leadership position in the segment is driven by Tata Motors’ commitment to the philosophy of "the Power of 6", which prioritises profits, performance, comfort, convenience, design, and style. The latest range of tour buses from Tata Motors also reflect this same approach, and are once again counted among some of the most efficient and sought-after vehicles in this segment as a result.

The new range of commercial passenger buses from Tata Motors reaffirm the manufacturer’s commitment to sustainable public transportation. As India’s leading bus brand, Tata Motors’ offerings cater to every imaginable consumer need — from comfortable intercity travel options to safe transport and driver-focused vehicles. Among the technical innovations pioneered by the new Tata Motors’ tour buses are ecologically friendly advancements, such as buses that are powered by alternate fuels, which help in reducing emissions and pollution. Additionally, the Tata Motors tour buses have developed a gamut of mobility solutions, such as electric, hybrid, LNG, and fuel cell powered buses that can seamlessly be incorporated into the commuter framework of smart cities in the future. With an eye on the next horizon, Tata Motors’ future-ready tour buses will continue to be a major difference-maker in mass public transportation for years to come.

Among the firsts for tour buses achieved by Tata Motors was being the first Indian manufacturer to commercially deploy Series Hybrid technology in the country. Running on dual power (diesel and electric), the Starbus Hybrid Electric Bus is a vehicle that is equipped with best-in-class comfort and safety features as well as being environmentally friendly. The range of tour buses offered by Tata Motors all embody this ethos of providing low-emission buses that make a significant difference in promoting sustainable public transport.

Another added feature for new Tata Motors tour buses, especially from the Starbus and Starbus Ultra range, is the addition of Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) technology. The introduction of AMT technology to these buses makes the drivers’ life easier, by freeing them from the need to operate the clutch and gearshift. The increase in driver comfort is accompanied by an increase in overall safety. The automatic transmission also reduces the mechanical wear-and-tear that is unavoidable for manual transmission vehicles. Not only do these AMT buses deliver reduce maintenance costs and vehicle downtime, they also deliver fuel savings of up to three percent thanks to the optimised and automatically operated gearshift strategy.

With its new range of tour buses, Tata Motors continues to revolutionise the public transport industry in India.

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