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How Are Tata City Buses Helpful For Comfortable City Travel?

How Are Tata City Buses Helpful For Comfortable City Travel?

Tata Motors | Oct 22, 2021 9:15 am
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Travelling in cities and urban districts can be a challenging affair, having to deal with road conditions, traffic and crowds. What every citizen and passenger wants, is a comfortable and safe journey to and from their destination. Tata Motors has this understanding ingrained within its range of City Buses that are designed to make everyday travel a most hassle-free and enjoyable experience for commuters.

As the fourth largest bus manufacturer in the world, Tata Motors is equipped to deliver superior performing buses that are modern in their build, aggregates and interiors. A keen understanding of the Indian public transport system and road conditions, making City Buses that are adapted to the environment in which they are to perform. Within the range of fully built City Buses are the Starbus and Starbus Ultra, available in multiple seating configurations as well as diesel and electric variants.

The all new Starbus BS6 is unmatched in its comfort enhancing features, with wider seats, armrests, reclining seats, mobile chargers and more leg space. In terms of the drive, the improved suspension and reduced Noise, Vibration and Harshness levels make it smooth for the driver and peaceful for passengers. They are available as 16-24 seaters, 34-40 seaters and the Starbus EX that comes in 24-50 seater builds.

The Starbus EV is yet another milestone introduced by Tata Motors, the eco-friendly and future-ready electric AC and non-AC buses. These don’t just provide enjoyable and safe journeys to commuters, but are also safe for the environment by minimising pollution. They offer zero-emission and noiseless operations, meeting the demands of the modern age for planet and people-friendly public transport solutions.

Built on the latest Ultra platform by Tata Motors, the Starbus Ultra range of buses are the number one blend of performance and comfort. Each bus comes with a new generation engine that delivers productivity with luxury, at low operating costs. The new ULTRA platform meets requirements of every stakeholder – Driver, Passenger and Operator.

The Ultra range of buses include Standard and Luxury variants for city travel. The Starbus Ultra Standard range are premium buses, designed with increased comfort and convenience, along with higher mileage and better performance beyond customer expectations, making them the ideal choice for both passengers and operators alike.

CityRide Buses are another brand under the Tata Motors City Buses, the most dependable partner for road travellers. These buses are available in 24-45 seater options, offering a wide range to suit customer needs. Their sturdy and ever-reliable build makes them the perfect economical choice for city travel operations.

With Tata Motors City Buses, every passenger knows that they are in for a smooth, comfortable and safe journey. Making daily travel a breeze, no matter the circumstances.

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