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A Complete Guide to Tata Motors' CNG Buses

A Complete Guide to Tata Motors CNG Buses

Tata Motors | Nov 1, 2021 8:42 am
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Tata Motors has been among the most trusted names in the Indian automotive industry for decades. A major reason for the continued success of the company has been the always reliable heavy vehicles that they manufacture. And now, with their latest range of Starbus buses, available in both commuter and school bus variants, Tata Motors bring their tradition of quality and dependability to the CNG bus segment once again. The Tata Starbus range of CNG buses boasts all of the advantages that are associated with CNG vehicles, along with the assurance of performance that comes with the Tata Motors brand.

The new Starbus passenger buses promise to allow the customer to experience the “Power of 6”: greater profits, enhanced performance, increased comfort, greater convenience and connectivity, improved design and style, and greater value. The Starbus buses deliver optimum functionality by combining premium comfort with maximum fuel efficiency. Through the Starbus range, Tata Motors offers the widest selection of school buses in the Indian market, and the new CNG buses boast a brand new body design that prioritises safety, as is most important in a school bus design, while also giving the aesthetic appeal a facelift. The Starbus CNG commuter buses have also been upgraded in Tata Motors’ latest range, with all-new wider seats that recline, and have increased legroom and mobile chargers. The passengers’ comfort has been given the utmost priority in the range of Starbus CNG models.

The new Starbus range from Tata Motors comes in a range of variants, including diesel and CNG, AC and non-AC, and 2X2/3X2/3X3, which customers can mix-and-match according to their needs. In this guide to Tata Motors’ CNG buses, the benefits and advantages of CNG vehicles will be outlined in further detail.

Compressed Natural Gas, or CNG, has many outstanding qualities that set it apart from other conventional petroleum products. The first, and possibly most pertinent one, is the reduced fuel costs. At a time when prices of petrol and diesel continue to climb unabated, CNG is a much more cost-effective alternative. Additionally, because CNG contains a lower carbon content than other petroleum products, it produces far fewer pollutants and emissions in comparison. This means that switching to a CNG-powered vehicle makes more sense both in financial and environmental terms.

Since CNG is in a gaseous state, while other fuels are in a liquid state, it extends the overall lifetime of the engine as the engines do not experience vapour locking. Also, CNG does not contain lead, extending the life of the spark plug by removing the potential for fouling, and pipes and mufflers last longer since CNG does not react with the metals.

All these advantages prove that the range of CNG buses from Tata Motors is a smart choice for any business looking to expand their vehicle fleet.

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