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What are the Different Types of Tata Electric Buses?

What are the Different Types of Tata Electric Buses?

Tata Motors | Nov 1, 2021 8:49 am
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Electric buses are the solution to achieving a sustainable and environmentally friendly transport network. With their unique environmental benefits, these electric buses are the answer to minimising the environmental damage caused by harmful exhaust emissions emitted by fuel-run vehicles. They help in significantly reducing maintenance and offer many financial benefits to their operators as well. There is a need and a demand for a cleaner public transport vehicle. Tata Motors has always been ahead of the curve and already boasts of a great range of electric buses. In its constant pursuit to modernize the Indian commercial vehicle market, it has been responsible for bringing ground-breaking technology to the Indian transportation industry. Here are some of the different types of Tata electric buses available in the market.

Starbus EV: Tata 4/12m Low Floor & Low Entry Electric Buses

In the Starbus EV range, the 4/12m low floor and low entry buses are the competent models available in the market. This range boasts of a full electric drive train with zero emissions. Both the variants have roomy interiors which come with an option to customise. This range comes installed with high utility features such as Wi-Fi hotspot and charging ports as well. The charging time is estimated at 2-3 hours with fast charging. These electric buses are also equipped with regenerative braking which lends itself to an improved performance and efficiency. This range offers both AC and non-AC options.

Tata Urban : 9/12m Electric Buses

The Tata Urban electric bus range is a testament to Tata Motor’s commitment to revolutionise every aspect of the green and sustainable public transport network. This range comes with enhanced features for the safety and comfort of the passengers. This range has been designed using advanced technology and comes fitted with state-of-the-art facilities. These electric buses are equipped with high safety and security features using the Intelligent Transport System (ITS). Some other world-class features included in this range are a passenger information system and a new generation telematics which is used for vehicle maintenance and tracking. This range is available in both AC and non-AC options.

Tata Ultra: 9/9m Electric Buses

The Tata Ultra range of electric buses come with a guarantee of reducing pollution and offers its passengers a luxurious travel experience. This set of electric buses have stylized and roomy interiors. Without the hassle of clutch and gear shifting, these buses provide the drivers with a fatigue free driving experience. Being powered by a full electric drive train results in no harmful exhaust emissions and helps the environment retain its clean air. Available in both AC and non-AC variants, these buses offer a futuristic glimpse into an overall sustainable travel network.

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