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An Overview about the Applications of Tata Motors Buses

An Overview about the Applications of Tata Motors Buses

Tata Motors | Oct 22, 2021 9:03 am
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Tata Motors has been pioneering road travel in India for over fifty years and has played an instrumental role in revolutionising the public transport system of the country.

With a clear understanding of the Indian roads and the requirements of the everyday commuter, their wide range of buses can be used for a number of applications.

Being the world’s fourth largest bus manufacturer and with over 100 products in their range, there is no dispute that a Tata bus is a premium choice for public transport in the country.

Let’s take a look at the various applications of Tata Motors Buses.

School Buses

Riding to school is a fun and exciting highlight of childhood. The Tata Motors Skoolbus Range ensures that this daily commute is a safe and enjoyable experience for them.

This range comes with amazing features and is in compliance with the world-class safety norms to ensure the safety of children.

With fully-built and chassis options which come in both Diesel and CNG fuel options, they have a range of 20-seaters to 60-seaters in AC and non-AC categories.

Inner City Buses

The superior design and technology of Tata Motors Inner-City buses makes sure that travel between cities on road is a safe, comfortable, and memorable experience.

This range of buses are expertly engineered to withstand the worst road conditions and sustain long-distance highway travel with ease.

They come with a 25-56 seater configuration in AC and non-AC categories with an option to customise as well. This amazing range has a minimised noise feature and is in compliance with the BS6 specifications.

City Buses

The City Bus range by Tata Motors is a result of understanding the needs of the daily commuters and it is symbolic of Tata’s constant endeavour to modernise public transport and provide a comfortable option for intra-city travel.

The superior design of these buses ensures a smooth embarking and disembarking which saves fuel and keeps it cost-effective for the bus operators.

Available in fully built and just chassis options with BS6 specifications, the city bus comes with a range of 16-seater to 51-seater options, with different floor-height and step options with both CNG and Diesel fuel options.

Staff & Contract Buses

Tata Motors Staff & Contract carriage buses are the ultimate choice for corporates wanting to ensure a comfortable and safe means of transport for their employees.

These new-age buses are high on aesthetic appeal and come in fully-built and chassis options starting from 5 meters and measuring upto 12 meters.

With comprehensive seating options ranging from 16-seaters to 51-seaters, the staff buses are available with a wide variety of floor-height options.

Sub-Urban Buses

The Sub-Urban buses are specifically designed to offer a hassle-free commute between city and outskirts. This range is built to be sturdy without compromising on comfort.

Their robust build can navigate the roughest of road conditions and their better run time makes it ideal for stage carriage applications. The Sub-Urban buses come with 16 to 50-seater options.

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