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Tata Staff & Contract Buses - A Perfect Choice For Commuters and Operators

Tata Staff and Contract Buses – A Perfect Choice For Commuters and Operators

Tata Motors | Oct 22, 2021 9:13 am
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When it comes to Indian roads, Tata Motors has led the way. Being the world’s 4th largest bus manufacturer, with a versatile range of transit vehicles, Tata Motors continues to redefine regular travel and daily commute for people.

Tata Motors has made its prominent mark on the Indian terrain by building some of the earliest trucks or chassis for buses and has led the transport system of the country on the path to progress.

Furthermore, it has managed to maintain its legacy for more than 5 decades now and has set some great technological benchmarks by adopting innovative ways to match its vehicle quality to the Indian travel conditions.

It manufactures a wide variety of high-end buses that cater to the varied needs of people ranging from intercity travel to school or office commute. After a long day of work, most people just want to rush back into the comfort of their homes and have no patience for the journey back home. Tata Motors Staff & Contract Bus provides superior comfort to its passengers, making the drive back home much less tiresome.

This comfort quality is what has made it a corporate favourite mode of commute. With its newest generation BS VI, Tata Motors has increased the aesthetic appeal of the buses as well as the safety during travel.

As for the operator’s needs, Tata Motors offers the best-in-class operating economy and an impressive resale value, making it a perfect choice. You can choose from a great variety ranging from 16 to 51 seater buses and a wide range of floor-height options. Chassis for staff buses are also available in a length starting 5 metres to 12 metres.

They come in both diesel as well as CNG fuel options. Unlike other buses available in the market, Tata Motors caters to the needs of commuters and also operators. Hence, it’s no surprise that it is the most preferred mode of transport for employees in the corporate world.

Every bus also comes with unmatched after-sales service. With a Tata Motors purchase, you get access to our nationwide service network. This makes it easy for you to visit our nearest service partner, channel partner or a Tata Motors branch in case of any emergencies, anywhere in the country.

Each bus is also secured with the Sampoorna Seva package that provides a 5-year warranty for up to 5 lakh kilometres. It ensures maintenance facilities including repair services, overall maintenance, genuine spares and breakdown services for the bus.

Being part of the Tata Motors family also gives you access to our 24 hours customer assistance centre and email contact, where our executives will be delighted to help you with any problems, guide you through various queries or provide you with the required information on any of our products.

It is thus safe to say that when it comes to purchasing a transit vehicle for employees’ commute, Tata Motors is the best way forward.

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