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Starbus Skool buses from Tata Motors are a preferred medium of travel for school going children. The buses are loaded with a host of safety and comfort features for children like shoulder rest, tooth guard, bottle holder, anti-skid floor and more, to make each ride to school and back home happy, joyous and safe for school children.

Tata Starbus Skool 26 AC
  • Fluorescent Exterior: The bright golden yellow exterior of the bus enhances visibility.
  • School Bus Logo: The prominent logo helps other drivers identify the school bus from afar and drive carefully around it.
  • Anti-skid floor: The easily washable flooring has an anti-skid surface that prevents children from slipping, even when the surface is wet.
  • STOP sign: The bright luminescent ‘STOP’ sign on the door acts as a caution to other drivers while the children board or alight from the bus.
  • First –aid kit: The kit contains essential medical supplies to handle minor injuries that may occur during transportation
  • Fire extinguisher: As per Tata Motors’ safety guidelines, the Starbus Skool range has fire extinguishers that are handy in times of emergency, to ensure safety.
  • Safe upholstery: All Starbus Skool buses have fire retardant material for their upholstery. This means more safety for the children travelling in them.
  • Lowered Step: The rectangle lower first step allows children to board and alight from the bus with minimum effort and risk of injury.
  • Childcare seats: The ergonomically designed seats ensure that children enjoy a comfortable ride to and from school.
  • Armrest: Each armrest is padded, to prevent injuries from sharp edges. (Availability on front seats only)
  • Tooth Guard: The rigid top of the seat is covered with additional padding to protect children from hurting their teeth.
  • Shoulder Comfort: Special racks below the seats provide convenience for children to keep their school bags without dirtying them.
  • Hat-rack: Apart from special racks, these buses also have hat-racks for extra space and shoulder comfort. (Tubular hat-racks in non-AC buses and modular hat-racks in AC buses)
  • Bottle – holder: The embedded hooks allow children to hang their water bottles.
  • Collapsible handles: The handles provide support to the children when the bus turns or stops suddenly.
  • Grab handle: A soft grab handle on the outer edge of each seat helps children get a better grip while walking along the aisle.
  • Spacious windows: The extra-large windows allow sunlight and fresh air into the bus.
  • Guide rails: Guide rails on the roof with grab strap handles provide children with a better grip inside the bus. (Available only in non-AC buses. In AC buses, this feature is integrated with the hat-rack)
  • Padded windows: The soft padding prevents the possibility of injury while the children enjoy a pleasant view of the surroundings.
  • Windows guardrails: The three guardrails on windows ensure added security for children.
  • Guarded driver salon: The tubular guardrail separates the driver’s cabin from the passenger area, thereby preventing driver distraction.
  • Door Alarm: A warning alarm alerts the driver in case any door is left open.
  • STOP switches: Incase of an emergency or an unscheduled halt, the children can press the STOP switch located on every window pane, to alert the driver to halt. (STOP switch is on the Stanchion Rod near the door in 16 to 40- seater buses)
  • Emergency Exits: The rear windshield, made of breakable glass, and rear emergency door both ensure a large and a effective space for evacuation of children, in case of an emergency. A hammer has been provided, for easy breakage of the rear windshield glass.
  • Individual seat lap-belts:All the AC versions of Starbus Skool offer individual seat lap-belts on front seats for added safety.
  • Chassis Platform LP 410/34 497 BS IV Diesel
  • Engine TATA 497 TCIC; Water-cooled; Common Rail
  • Engine Power 75 kW @ 2600 r/min
  • Engine Torque 300 Nm @ 1300 – 1800 r/min
  • Clutch Diameter 310 mm
  • Gearbox G-550, 6-speed with Overdrive
  • Brakes Dual Circuit full air S-Cam Brake with ABS
  • Suspension Semi-elliptical suspension
  • Anti-roll bar Yes
  • Steering Power
  • Battery 12V, 100 Ah
  • Tyres 7.50 x 16-16 PR
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 60 l
  • Turning Circle Diameter 12300 mm
  • Max. GVW 6520 kg
  • Seating Capacity & Layout 26+1 (2x2)
  • Structure Galvanized Tubular Structure
  • Floor Anti-Skyd Vinyl
  • AC Make Spheros CC 175
  • Passenger Door 1 Jack-knife Type Pneumatic Door with Sensitivity
  • Front Windshield Single Piece Laminated Glass
  • Rear Windshield Single Piece Tempered Glass
  • Emergency Exits 1 breakable rear glass with hammer; 1 emergency window behind driver; door at rear RH side
  • Fire Extinguisher 2 nos of 2 kg fire extinguisher
  • Side Windows Full Sliding Glasses
  • Step Lamp Provided
  • Hat-rack Hat-rack integrated with AC duct
  • Fire Retardant Material Yes
  • Side Luggage Booth NA
  • GPS Optional
  • Wheelbase 3400 mm
  • Length 6870 mm
  • Rear Overhang 2040 mm
  • Front Overhang 1430 mm
  • Overall Height 2900 mm
  • Max. Width 2200 mm
  • Internal Height 1900 mm
Tata Skool Buses Layout