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Starbus Fuel Cell buses from Tata Motors are manufactured with the hydrogen fuel cell technology -a technology innovated by Tata Motors. This is the first bus which emits water as emission. Tata Motors has played a pioneering role by bringing this first-of-its-kind, internationally accepted "clean, green" bus technology on Indian roads. The bus is a zero pollution and zero noise mode of public transportation.

Tata Fuel Cell Side Angle
  • Enhances efficiency & performance
  • Improves the environment
  • Model LPO 1625 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus
  • Seating Capacity 30
  • Fuel Cell Power System Hydrogen Fuel Cell
  • Fuel Cell Gross Peak Power 85 kW
  • Air Compressor for Fuel Cell Single Stage Twin Screw Type
  • Fuel System Roof-mounted Hydrogen Cylinders; 4 nos. (205 l capacity each)
  • Total Useful Amount of Fuel 14.5 kg
  • Electric Propulsion Motor 2 Rear – AC Induction Motors with Summation Gearbox
  • Peak Power Output of Motor 186 kW
  • Rated Speed Idle: 600 r/min; Max.: 2100 r/min
  • Rated Torque 1050 Nm @ 800 r/min
  • Energy Storage System Li- Ion Battery
  • Steering Hydraulic Power Steering Suspension Pneumatic Suspension & Hydraulic Double Acting Telescopic-type Shock Absorber at Front & Rear
  • Brakes Full Air Dual Circuit SCAM with ABS
  • Tyres 11R 22.5 Radial Tubeless; 7 nos
  • Max. Speed 70 km/h
  • Gradeability 17%
  • Wheelbase 6300 mm
  • Body Dimensions (L X W X H) 12000 mm
  • Floor Height 390 mm