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Why Tata Marcopolo is the safest buses in India?

Tata Motors | Aug 17, 2018 10:13 am
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Through the Joint Venture between Tata Motors (51%) and Marcopolo SA of Brazil (49%) which was signed in 2006, Tata Marcopolo Motors Limited (TMML) was established. Since then, Tata Motors has successfully entered the bus market and turned out be a trendsetter in the school bus segment.

Though they have been commonly used so far, school vans and auto rickshaws come with a lot of serious safety issues. To avoid such risks and mishaps, Tata school buses  are outfitted with all kinds of advanced safety measures including option of GPS trackers, ITS systems and CCTV cameras for extra security of school children.

The Marcopolo partnership with Tata Motors has brought about a revolution in school bus safety standards. Tata Motors realized the fear of parents who entrusted the security of their children in the hands of the school transport staff. Standing by this commitment, Tata buses have proven to be the most reliable mode of school transport yet; providing safe journey for school children across the country.

School buses from Tata are available with a capacity of 23 seats to 56 seats in both AC and Non-AC variants. Also, the vehicles are instilled with diesel and CNG options and compatible to BS IV norms. The interiors of all Marcopolo school buses are molded in a way that minimizes injury to hyperactive children.

School buses of the past looked dull and boring and came with a notable lack of comfort. Over the years, the new age design and technology has transformed the appearance of school buses making them attractive and comfortable for the children. Today, Marcopolo buses stand out on the roads with their bright yellow chassis and stylish, international look. Children love the look and feel of their new buses, and parents are delighted with the safety they offer.

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