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Why Tata Magna Buses Safety and Comfort features were the best in the Industry?

Tata Motors | Aug 17, 2018 10:20 am
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Globally one of the most renowned automobile manufacturing companies, Tata Motors and Marcopolo Ltd unveiled their joint venture buses – the two axle ‘Tata Magna’ - luxury buses, specially designed for inter-city travel.

Tata Buses: Bringing an International Touch to India's Public Transport

With a seating capacity of 36-44 people, Magna provides a host of safety features suitable for long distance journeys.

These buses have internal fiber roof making the bus cooler, lighter and more fuel-efficient. For passenger convenience, there are mobile charging points in each row near the seating layout. Apart from this, there is convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity, aesthetic LED lamps and a digital entertainment.

The Magna range of luxury buses are breaking into the traditional bus segment by offering great safety features and utmost comfort in the MCV (Medium commercial Vehicle) segment. The standards maintained in the luxury bus provide an international experience to commuters, leading to positive and relaxed travel experiences eventually resulting in repeat business. The buses offer cozy seating arrangements with ample leg space for utmost comfort and safety, making it an excellent option for long distance journeys. Magna is beauty personified. It’s a luxury bus that’s aesthetic in looks, reasonable in price, smooth running and with lowest operational cost in its class.

These elegantly designed luxurious buses are excellently designed; their interiors comprise a perfect blend of comfort features and aesthetic value. They have ample space for keeping luggage with best-in-class boot space upto 8.1 CuM. The bigger and lower windscreens enable clear, all around visibility to the driver.

The Magna is the first series to be fully certified with bus code AIS 052. The bus is fully protected with an emergency exit incase of fire or accident. It is smooth going with Anti-Lock Brake system.

Magna is thus designed to perfection with features thoughtfully incorporated to provide a great travel experience

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