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What are the different models and applications of Tata Buses?

Tata Motors | Aug 17, 2018 10:18 am
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Tata Motors has designed several models of Tata Buses using superior technology to create transport solutions that cater to daily passenger needs at affordable costs.

Tata School Buses: The “Skool” buses are specially designed for school children incorporating all the safety measures and essential features required for the kids. The number of seats varies from 23 to 56 to avoid chaos caused due to the limited seats. These buses are available in AC and Non AC variants with diesel and CNG options complying with BS IV norms. Let’s have a glance on all models and price card of Tata skool buses.

Tata Buses: Bringing an International Touch to India's Public Transport
  1. Cityride Skool 26,30,36,40,50
  2. Starbus Skool 23,26,30,36,40,50
  3. Starbus Skool 26 AC,30 AC,36 AC,40 AC,50 AC
  4. Starbus Skool 26 CNG,30 CNG,40 CNG,50 CNG
  5. Starbus Skool 26 CNG AC,30 CNG AC,40 CNG AC
  6. Starbus Ultra Skool 38,46,56
  7. Starbus Ultra Skool 38 AC,46 AC,56 AC

The ex-showroom price for different Starbus Skool  variants ranges from Rs. 15 lakh to 28 lakh.

Buses built for ferrying Staff

Tata buses designed for staff have features optimized for relaxed journeys, which is why corporate offices prefer these buses as a mode of transport for their employees after a hard day work.

Optimized with an inbuilt hydraulic suspension system, these buses can withstand all kinds of the uneven city roads. Available from 16-51 seaters, Tata staff buses provides a luxurious ride to their commuters on a daily basis.

Mentioned below are all the models that popularly find application as Corporate Staff Buses:

Tata Buses: Bringing an International Touch to India's Public Transport
Tata Buses: Bringing an International Touch to India's Public Transport
  1. Star bus 16(Diesel)
  2. Starbus 24(CNG)
  3. Starbus 36(CNG) AC
  4. Starbus 24 EX, 32 EX, 36 EX (Both AC and Non AC)
  5. Starbus Ultra 33 (Diesel), 36 (Diesel), 41 (Diesel), 51 Diesel
  6. Starbus Ultra 33 AC (Diesel),36 AC (Diesel), 41 AC (Diesel),46 AC (Diesel)
  7. Cityride Ex 32 (Diesel)
  8. Cityride Ex 36 (Diesel)
  9. Cityride Ex 45 (Diesel)
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