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How Tata Motor Buses are Shaping Urban Transport Problems

Tata Motors | Nov 15, 2018 9:35 am
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Tata Motors - resolving India's massive urban commuting problem - one bus at a time

The two most important factors to be managed in urban transportation are traffic congestion and mass transit. The primary mode of transportation in India is mainly roadways, and buses form a basic mode of public transport, in case of inter-city travelling. The immense population and pollution has made the urban transport problematic.

Tata Buses at a glance

Tata Star Bus consists of variants that bring a respite to the urban transportation scenario with intricately embedded features ensuring a smooth and safe ride. Tata Starbus range offers maximum performance with optimum comfort and fuel efficiency. Starbus EX, Star bus Hybrid, Starbus Urban, Star bus Aero, Star bus Skool are some of Tata Motors’ luxurious BS IV buses backed by superior amenities such as fully air-conditioned spacious coaches with a capacity of 16-50 seats.

Tata Motors offers more than 100 products ranging from specialty buses to the scientifically designed bus chassis using superior technology catering to the needs of daily passengers and providing economical luxury bus price in India.

Tata Motors and Marcopolo Ltd. have jointly solved one of the major problems of Indian transportation system with their Star Bus Ultra, City Ride and Tata Magna models that are on par with international standards. These luxury buses are specifically used by the office staff and travelers for inter-city travel. The Tata Marcopolo bus with a seating capacity of 36-50 has comfortable sleek seats with enough space facilitating easy movement, also providing excellent amenities including mobile charging points, Wi-Fi connectivity and digital entertainment etc.

This remarkable transformation on the urban roads of the country is the result of Tata Motors’ smart buses that are not only environment friendly but also available at an affordable price in India making travel economical and convenient for the masses.

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