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How Luxury Model Buses are Different from the Standard Tata Buses?

How Luxury Model Buses are Different from the Standard Tata Buses?

Tata Motors | Aug 16, 2021 9:22 am
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Tata Motors is the 4th largest bus manufacturer of the country, playing a transformational role in the travel sector, whether it be for inter-city commutes or long journeys.

While all the models boast top quality safety and comfort features, there are subtle differences between the luxury models and the standard models.

The Starbus

The Tata Starbus is an efficient and comfort-first standard bus range that comes with great seating, wider sitting room, more leg room, reclining seats, armrests and mobile chargers.

The specifications for the new BS6 models include improved suspension and reduced Noise, Vibration & Harshness levels that make journeys smooth and comfortable for passengers.

The Starbus school buses are the highest selling in the category, available in Diesel and CNG variants, in Non-AC or AC option with 2X2, 3X2 and 3X3 seating preferences. The buses come with pleasing aesthetics, added comfort and enhanced safety features.

The Starbus EV is the exclusive electric bus range from Tata Motors, built to advance society towards adopting more eco-friendly public transport. While the bus itself offers the very same level of performance, comfort and convenience.

The Starbus Ultra

The Tata Starbus Ultra is a range of luxury BS6 buses from Tata Motors, built on the ULTRA platform, with a front overhang and straight frame chassis with parabolic suspension.

They have a new generation engine that offers higher performance levels.

The Starbus Ultra luxury model is available in a variety of seating options with spacious interiors and add-on features that keep everyone on-board super comfortable, be it the driver, operator or passengers.

The exterior is sleek and stylish, making it all the more appealing to passengers.

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