Starbus Fuel Cell has been specially designed using the Hydrogen Fuel cell technology. This zero pollution and zero noise bus is ideal for public transportation as its only emission is water vapor.

The use of fuel cell technology in the Starbus Fuel Cell bus ensures a host of benefits. They cover both efficiency & performance parameters as well as the environment.

  • Gasoline engines in conventional buses are less than 20% efficient in converting chemical energy to power whereas Starbus Fuel Cell offers 40-60% efficiency, i.e. 3 times more
  • Starbus Fuel Cell ensures 50% reduction in fuel consumption
  • A dependable, mobile and flexible system
  • Domestically produced fuel - no dependency on foreign policies
  • Fast refuelling ensures reduced downtime
  • Reduction of air pollution today - possibility of eliminating pollution in future
  • The only emission is water vapour
  • In the conventional sense, Starbus Fuel Cell is a ZERO POLLUTION bus
  • Totally safe, clean & quiet operation
  • Starbus Fuel Cell is COMPLETELY NOISELESS because it doesn't run on a combustion engine, thereby emerging as a major driver of environmental initiatives
  • Significantly enhanced ride experience for both driver and passengers because of:
    • Quiet & effortless acceleration, for less fatigue
    • Quiet & smooth ride, for a highly relaxing journey
Technical Specifications
Bus LPO 1625 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus
Seating Capacity 30
Fuel Cell Power System Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Fuel Cell Gross Peak Power 114 HP
Air Compressor for Fuel Cell Single Stage Twin Screw Type
Fuel System Roof-mounted Hydrogen Cylinders; 4 nos. (205 ltr capacity each)
Total Useful Amount of Fuel 14.5 kg
Electric Propulsion Motor 2 Rear - AC Induction Motors with Summation Gearbox
Peak Power Output of Motor 250 HP
Rated Speed Idle: 600 rpm; Max.: 2100 rpm
Rated Torque 1050 Nm at 800 rpm
Enerygy Storage System Li - Ion Battery
Steering Hydraulic Power Steering
Suspension Pneumatic Suspension & Hydraulic Double Acting Telescopic-type Shock Absorber at Front & Rear
Brakes Full Air Dual Circuit SCAM with ABS
Tyres 11 R 22.5 Radial Tubeless; 7 nos.
Electrical System System Voltage - 24 V DC; Battery - 2 x 12V, 150 Ah; Alternator - 75 A
Max. Speed 70 km/h
Gradeability 17%
Wheelbase 6300 mm
Body Dimensions (LxWxH) 12000 mm x 2600 mm x 3500 mm
Floor Height 390 mm