The perfect choice for city commuters, the range is especially noted for the ease of driving it offers and the wide variety of travel applications that it may be adapted to.

As the name suggests, Tata CityRide is your most dependable partner on city roads. Available in 12-seater to 24-seater options, the buses in this range are easily the best utility vehicles for the public transportation network.
CityRide buses are comfortable and easy to drive and thus an ideal choice for various applications, be it in school transport, sub-urban travel or as a staff & contract carriage. Sturdily built with features that ensure better performance, these are economical and great value for money for operators.

Tata CityRide stands for:

  • Very economical and a good value proposition for operators
  • Utilitarian and suited to a wide range of applications
  • Strong built with no compromises on travel comfort