Tata Motors has always been a company that cares about the future...
True to the tradition of the Tata Group, Tata Motors is committed in letter and spirit to Corporate Social Responsibility. It is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, and is engaged in community and social initiatives on labor and environment standards in compliance with the principles of the Global Compact. In accordance with this, it plays an active role in community development, serving rural communities adjacent to its manufacturing locations.

Tata Motors believes in technology for tomorrow. Our products stand testimony to this. Our annual expenditure on R&D is approximately 2% of our turnover. We ensure that our products are environmentally sound in a variety of ways. These include reducing hazardous materials in vehicle components, developing extended life lubricants, fluids and using ozone-friendly refrigerants. Tata Motors has been making conscious efforts in the implementation of several environmentally sensitive technologies in manufacturing processes.

Tata Motors' concern is manifested by a dual approach -

  1. Reduction of environmental pollution and regular pollution control drives
  2. Restoration of ecological balance

Cleaner Technology - Going Green:

Tata Motors has been at the forefront of the Indian automobile industry's anti-pollution efforts by introducing cleaner engines. It is the first Indian Company to introduce vehicles with Euro norms well ahead of the mandated dates. Tata Motors' joint venture with Cummins Engine Company, USA, in 1992, was a pioneering effort to introduce emission control technology for India. Over the years, Tata Motors has also made investments in setting up of an advanced emission-testing laboratory.

With the intention of protecting the environment, Tata Motors has upgraded the performance of its entire range of four and six cylinder engines to meet international emission standards. These engines are used in Tata Motors buses in the Indian market, as well as in over 70 export markets.

Tata Motors is constantly working towards developing alternative fuel engine technologies. It has manufactured CNG version of buses and followed it up with a CNG-Electric Hybrid Bus, which is indeed a benchmark in terms of emission quality. It has recently showcased its technological excellence in the form of the Fuel Cell Bus. This environment friendly bus has water as the only byproduct, thereby eliminating all kinds of emissions.

Society First

Driver Training Programmes: Tata Motors leads a number of driver training programmes across the nation with a view of ensuring safety of all its passengers. These programmes have also been aimed to increase employment and hone the skills of the drivers. A trained driver always derives more from any vehicle leading to better fuel efficiency and lower emission levels.

Mass Transportation: Tata Motors has always been a supporter of mass transportation by modes such as buses and trains, leading to considerably lower pollution levels and decongestion of Indian roads as compared to private modes of transportation. We have always supported advance mass transportation programmes such as Bus Rapid Transit Systems and have worked on development of specific products that perfectly suit these applications.

Safety : Tata Motors buses are equipped with numerous safety features to ensure that the passengers experience a secure journey. Especially, the Skool Buses from Tata Motors have a number of safety features like tooth guards, padded windows, and many more to ensure extra safety for the children. Many safety features in these buses are in addition to the ones mandated by the Government.

Community Development: In addition to all above mentioned activities, Tata Motors takes initiatives to contribute to the society in other areas like health and education. Along with conducting training programmes for drivers, Tata Motors also organizes health camps, dental check-up and eye-check up for them. Tata Motors goes a step further by reaching out to these drivers' families by educating their children. Tata Motors also organizes camps where games, quiz and drawing competitions are organized for the drivers' children.